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Science, Technology and Math Preparation Scholarships

Past Peer Mentors

Charles Crawford

I’m a Sophomore, B.S. in Chemistry, Research Concentration; my research is in Organic Synthesis.  My hobbies include: music (Guitar, Mandolin and Synths), physics, math, sketching, sculpting, philosophy.  In STAMPS, I’ve learned about other disciplines, and the importance of interdisciplinary work.  I have also found what specific field I would like to go into when I graduate, and which path I will take as a chemist.

Ethan Underwood

Hi! I am Ethan Underwood and I’ve been in the STAMPS program since I entered UNCG. I am a junior studying biochemistry with the intentions of going to grad school to pursue a PhD or a dual MD PhD program. I am a member of the Bands of Sparta, a Spartan Guide, and a former orientation staff leader.

Michael Follari

My name is Michael Follari and I am currently majoring in Physics and planning to minor or double major in Computer Science. I enjoy programming websites and apps in my free time. STAMPS has shown me that my degree choice has real application’s and interesting research opportunities, along with showing me the power and importance in forming connections with faculty and peers while I have the opportunity.

Isabel Pearce

My name is Isabel Pearce and I am a Biology major on the Pre-Med track.  I joined the STAMPS program so that I could be more connected with research opportunities and also because I just really enjoy science.  By being in STAMPS, I learned that being surrounded by people who love science only magnifies one’s interest and love for it.  Outside of STAMPS I like to keep myself busy.  I am in the Honors College, and I also play soccer on UNCG’s Women’s team.