Science, Technology and Math Preparation Scholarships


Who can apply?

High school seniors who will apply to UNCG, or invited students who meet the STAMPS criteria will be invited to apply.  For STAMPS criteria, please visit the ‘What is a STAMPS Scholar?’ page.

What funds are available for STAMPS?

Approximately, up to $4, 000 per year as a scholarship.

May a transfer student be a STAMPS scholar?

Not at the current time.

Must a STAMPS scholar be enrolled full time?


Must a STAMPS scholar be a US citizen?

Yes, although you may also be  a permanent resident of the US or have ‘national’ or ‘refugee’ status.

What does one submit for this request for scholarship?

Students should submit the application and have two individuals send in letters of reference on their behalf.  Letters should be sent as an email attachment to Dr. Jeff Patton at jcpatton@uncg.edu.

When is the deadline?

The current deadline is to be determined.  Please email Dr. Jeff Patton (jcpatton@uncg.edu) or Dr. Lynn Sametz (l_sametz@uncg.edu) for updates regarding the application deadline.

How will my application be reviewed?

Applications will be reviewed by the STAMPS faculty members at UNCG.

When will we hear about whether or not we receive the scholarship?

Scholars will be notified prior to Destination UNCG.

Is there a minimum GPA a STAMPS scholar must maintain?

Yes, 3.0 in your major as well as an overall 3.0 GPA.

What happens if my GPA falls below a GPA in my major and/or overall?

You’ll have one semester to improve your grades. If, after a semester on probation, you do not return to a minimum of a 3.0 GPA you may be dropped from the program.

Any additional unanswered questions?

Send your question to Dr. Jeff Patton (jcpatton@uncg.edu), or Dr. Lynn Sametz (l_sametz@uncg.edu).