What is a STAMPS Scholar? | STAMPS


Science, Technology and Math Preparation Scholarships

What is a STAMPS Scholar?

To Qualify for STAMPS

    1. You must be a major (or plan to major) in one of the following areas: Biology, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics/ Statistics, Physics, or Astronomy.
    2. You must be a new student to UNCG and/or invited to become a STAMPS scholar. You must demonstrate an aptitude for science and/or mathematics, and enthusiasm in study.
    3. To continue in STAMPS, you will be expected to show adequate process toward a degree in your math or science field every semester, and maintain a 3.0 GPA.
    4. In your first year of STAMPS you must successfully complete a one credit fall semester and a three credit spring semester course in Foundations for Learning (FFL) course taught by STAMPS faculty designed specifically for STAMPS students.
    5. You must have demonstrated financial need as determined by UNCG’s Financial Aid Office.

Benefits of STAMPS

    1. Financial support of up to $4,000 per year, based on financial need.
    2. Assigned a Science faculty mentor (See their research here).
    3. Working with and an opportunity to later become a peer mentor.
    4. Field visits to research sites.
    5. A speaker series designed for the STAMPS scholars.
    6. Participation in an FFL course designed for STAMPS students to better understand the science disciplines and career opportunities.
    7. The opportunity for meaningful involvement in an active community of science and math students and faculty.