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Science, Technology and Math Preparation Scholarships


The following information and scholarship application applies ONLY to students who are NOT currently STAMPS Scholars or do NOT receive financial support from a STAMPS Scholarship.

If you have previously received a STAMPS scholarship the link to the application will be provided to you separately. Otherwise read this page and proceed to the link below.

Before you fill out the online STAMPS application please plan your responses to some of the questions you will be asked. In the past we’ve had many more applicants than we have scholarships that we can fund so competition for STAMPS scholarships is not easy.

You may want to write out your answers in advance to some of the longer questions and then copy your answers at the appropriate place in the application.

Your application has three parts and will be complete when you have submitted all three.

Part 1. Online form (you’ll find the link at the bottom of this page)

Part 2. A copy of your unofficial college or high school transcript. You will attach it to the last question of the online application form (so please have a copy saved that you’ll be able to attach). A PDF file works well, or a WORD doc . If you are copying your transcript from UNCG’s GENIE you should copy the transcript from Genie, paste it into a WORD document, and then save the WORD .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. The .pdf file is preferred, however, if you cannot create a .pdf file you may submit a WORD file.

Part 3. Two letters of reference from teachers or others who know you well and are familiar with your academic accomplishments. Please have the individuals who will write letters for you e-mail those letters to

The following are the essay questions you will be asked on the application. You may want to write your responses to these questions in advance, and then copy them from your computer to the application webpage while you are filling out the application. Please note, the application questions may have been updated from the previous year.

Essay #1:  What and where do you aspire to be in five years?  Why?  How and why will a STAMPS scholarship help you achieve these goals? (Word limit: 400)

Essay #2:  How do you identify yourself as a “scientist”? Who are your role models, and why?

One last point before you fill out this application.  If you are fortunate enough to receive a STAMPS scholarship you will have an obligation to participate in STAMPS activities with other STAMPS scholars and faculty.  These will include talks on science and math, group trips to universities and research centers, occasional meals and others.  This is because the National Science Foundation – which funds these scholarships – believes in the importance of a community of STAMPS scholars, and that these student-scholars should not just be narrow specialists but should have experience with a broad range of interdisciplinary science and math.

Our ability to keep our funding from NSF will depend upon a proven commitment on our part to these ideals.  If you feel that you can’t participate in these activities you may wish to reconsider your intention to apply (or reapply) for these scholarship funds.

You may download the STAMPS application here.